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You can't hide in the shadows...

Picture a world where the sun has stopped shining. A world lacking light, where the only illumination comes from your enslavement at the hands of Lumen Incorporated. Welcome to the City of Lumos.

Luminosity is a stealth game that flips the formula of most stealth games on its head. You embody a light spirit who has escaped from its bulb, hiding from the Keepers of Light furiously hunting it down. Unlike other stealth games where shadows are your friend, in Luminosity shadows are your enemy. As a sentient bright light, you stand out more in darkness and must seek to blend in.  Your goal is to use your wits and your abilities as a light spirit to escape the City of Lumos, lest you be caught and enslaved again by the Keepers of light...

Install instructions

Simply unzip the file and click the executable.


Luminosity_Windows.zip 87 MB