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Who’s the baddest witch in all the land? OmaNonna, that’s who! OmaNonna, was once the Queen of the Goblin Realms, all feared her, some wanted to be her, and no one dared go against her. In OmaNonna’s Revenge, play as the wickedest of them all as she takes back her kingdoms from her too-charming son-in-law Kingsley with the help of her adorably evil grandchildren: The Whisper; Leslie, Eater of worlds; and Vesuvius.

OmaNonna’s Revenge utilizes a turn based battle system that relies on predicting enemy movement. Players and enemies have two types of pieces: pawn pieces and king pieces. King pieces are stationary and when they take damage they lose health. Pawn pieces are able to move and cost health to spawn. Pawn pieces get bonus accuracy and evasion while adjacent to their king piece. Lock in your moves for each of your babies by clicking on the green tiles adjacent to them. After locking them in, all moves happen simultaneously. Do your best to predict where the enemy will move!

Each turn, the attack switches between you and your opponent. While you are on attack mode, try to overlap with the enemy's pawns; while they are on attack mode, do your best to avoid them! Every turn, lock in each of your babies' moves by clicking on one of the green tiles adjacent to them. While the enemy is on attack mode, hit the space bar to switch to spawn mode, where you can click on a blue tile to spawn a baby at the cost of 2 health. While you are on the attack, press the space bar and select a red tile to unleash a devastating lightning attack on a tile you think the enemy will move to. As OmaNonna interacts with her foes in dialogue, the choices she makes favor different grandchildren, granting special abilities.

In battle, click on a blue tile to spawn a baby.


OmaNonna's Revenge 373 MB
OmaNonna's Revenge 372 MB