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Have you ever dreamed of using your sick dodgeball skills to take down the greatest evil to befall Earth?

Well I have. My name is JOE, and I'm here to put a stop to GLOBOTECH's global domination in style. 

Globotech has robots. Fortunately, I have my dodgeball. They also have laser targeted missiles, patrol helicopters, and bombs. But, again, I got a dodgeball baby.  

Also the dodgeball is on fire. That's important. 

Ahead lives nothing but super sweet moves, adrenaline filled close calls, and lots and lots of righteous retro future platforming action!

So the only question left is: do you have what it freaking takes?!

Install instructions

No installation necessary. Simply download folder, extract files to desired directory and run executable to play. 

Game is currently not supported on Mac.


Release.zip 43 MB


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This game is totally rad bro! - Joe